Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Sax Leather Products, they are awesome

Great new products from my mates at Sax Leather, see link at top of page for how to buy.

OxBalls Silicone Sounds

The OxBalls Silicone Sounds are made from soft, flexible silicone.

The purest refined grade of Japanese medical platinum heat cured silicone.

The shaft of the sounds are perfectly machined and smooth, no bubbles, nicks or seams. 

Tiny imperfections can ruin the feel and this will not happen with OXBALLS Silicone Sounds.

The design is well thought out, it's curved grip-end gives you a way to hold onto the sounds and keep control. 

Try twisting and turning the sound for more intense pleasure.

OxBalls Nip-Pull

The OxBalls Nip-Pull has diamond-plate raised texture giving a good grip when your fingers are slippery.

The loop on the end can be used to tug on or hang weights from.

The inside opening is between the size of the small snakebite suckers and large ones.

To get the maximum effect add a little water based lube to the edge prior to use.

OxBalls Cock Sling
The Ox Balls Cock Sling has a special recess to allow the passage of fluids whilst still giving that extra support.

The cock sling is made from thermoplastic rubber, it is light weight, super stretchy and has an excellent tear strength.

WARNING: Do not use with Oil Based Lubes.