Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Hello World

Welcome to my blog. Created because everyone else had one so why not? I am a 4o's guy that lives in Byron Bay NSW Australia. This little town on the eastern most point of the Australian mainland has always been a big gay holiday destination now after many years of people coming here to visit many have relocated here for a lifestyle change just like I did 15 years ago. Byron Shire now has the highest percentage of gay & lesbian residents per capita in all Australia. There is now literally thousands living in and around Byron Bay. We have no gay bars or beats, we do have a great gay beach, see pic, and that's about it. We have a happy friendly community that socialises on many levels and everyone is always there to help a fellow mate when needed. Its a really nice place to live. As for about me the byronboy.... that's why this blog started, come back and learn more, see more pics...

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