Wednesday, 20 February 2008

You gotta love a good rant!

You gotta love a good rant!!
Come say gday in the Bay!! Byronboys lives in Byron Bay, Australia's most eastern point of land, it also is the number one destination for gay tourists in Australia and has the highest percentage of gay and lesbian residents per capita in all of Australia, including Sydney. It's our own Fire Island, we live in paradise.....

Tourists that visit this country and visit just Sydney only are doing themselves and great injustice. Sydney.... what is it really? A big city that is dirty, over priced, has a completely destroyed gay community, has no direction, it just happens to have a pretty harbour.. I personally would'nt bother to even visit Sydney ever again, between the violence on Oxford St, the lack of gay owned establishments, the crowd of manic crystal meth freaks, the list goes on.. in my opinion..... don't bother about Sydney, head for Brisbane or Melbourne.

Brisbane, a bit of a country town that is rapidly growing up and has some nice style about it. It also has my favourite gay bar in the country, The Sportman Hotel is a pub, just that!! a pub that has little style or graces, it just has the nicest atmosphere, and the friendliest patrons of any bar in the country. Brisbane's gay & lesbian community take a bow!! Great place..

Melbourne is the city you head for when you want style, always been labelled the little brother to Sydney is runs rings around Sydney when it come to class and style.. take a trip its worth it..

Enough of this rant ;)

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