Thursday, 17 July 2008

New Tropis Swimwear arrives

A few weeks ago I ordered some new swimwear from Well they have arrived! I brought these yellow ones and a pair of black and white steamer shorts, pics of them coming soon...
Well my man and I headed off to our favourite beach last Wednesday, as you can see the bulge says it all! I had a great time. The swimmers are great, if not a little too out there with the pouch for the mainstream beach, on a gay beach or more private beach they are fine. Next order I think I will get the ones without the extra pouch room, although Im not sure how I would fit my cock in there.. I do love a challenge! Anyone out there in bulge world own a pair of these swimmers? I would love to hear, maybe post a few pics.. This is a great design swimmer and I can't wait to get to try the other they offer. Steamer pics coming real soon.. they will be hot!
See ya and enjoy pics and send comments.

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jerkme2005 said...

fucking hot bulge!!!