Sunday, 10 May 2009

The end of an icon

What a sad time for us Aussie underwear fetish freaks... The Aussie icon Bonds is to cease manufacturing our beloved underwear and T shirts here and make them in China. How obscene!!! The chairperson of the organisation is probably the most hated women in Australia. This bitch and her crony fellow directors sold out to the great almighty buck.. and they say it was about survival, well maybe you should have done a better job running this Australian  icon, It's FUCKED!!!! 

I have about 25 Bonds Gotcha T shirts I work in, they are fantastic, made in Australia for Australians and they cost less that ten bucks each at K Mart.. Did they not really think about this? Why didn't they do a wearer survey on their website and advertise it and give away prizes and survey us all?  They would have found out that a lot of their customers would have paid an extra 50% on the price of the T shirts alone just to keep them here, 500 odd jobs also went down the toilet!! It's crap.. I have brought my last product from Bonds!!! money hungry directors is why the country is heading down the toilet!! FUCKWITS!!

Yep! Byronboys is pissed off!! Here's a tribute to some of my Bonds

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