Thursday, 25 June 2009

A new Sax Leather product.

New Sax Leather portable sling now available.. this is great, I have had a sit in it, in the factory!! and yeh its great, and for $800 odd Aussie dollars its great. Enquire about a new budge canvas sling to go with it they are developing too.

Here's the details from Sax,
The above images show the demountable sling frame, the whole Frame can be put together without the use of a wrench, spanner or pliers. The Frame is secured with Cam Locks, which are finger tightened, then the Cam does the final closure.
The Frame is made from Mild Steel Tube 20mm & 25mm sections and is painted with matt black paint.
The Sling Frame is $799.00 without the sling or chain.
Steve Sax
P O Box 1348
Byron Bay
NSW 2481
Tel: 61 2 6680 8303
Fax: 61 2 6680 8304
Freecall Australia only: 1800 674 340

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