Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The nightmare!

Manhunt... the nightmare of the internet.. Today I deleted my manhunt profile, or tried to! I was unable to find anywhere on the site an icon that says "delete profile"
Also as I went through and deleted my pics I got to the last one and it again would not let me delete it unless I had a premium membership, so get that!! You cannot delete all your pics unless you pay them for the privilege. The implementation of the new Manhunt has been a joke at best. I am left wondering if the puter gurus at manhunt that implemented the change over still have jobs at manhunt, certainly would say a lot if they did. What a joke this site has turned into. Why you may ask...?? well they would have done this entirely because they see us as a cash cow and thats all. There is no new features to anyone that pays, just downgraded features for the ones that don't. So the upshot is for anyone to use the new site you need to pay to have the same service level that you had previously for free.

I am sick of being used by organisations such as manhunt, it's time to make a stand!
byronboys is pissed off!!

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